Software, Electronic Tools, and Data Produced from My Research


(Software Package for Life-cycle Cost Analysis for INDOT Pavement Design Procedures)


This package:


1. Provides User with a set of default pavement design alternatives based on current INDOT practice. Pavement design alternatives are for each of three pavement types (HMA, PCC, and HMA-over-PCC composite) and also for new or existing pavements.


2. For each pavement design alternative, software makes available to the User a set of default rehabilitation and maintenance strategies. [Read more]

Collaborators: Lamptey, G. Ahmad, M.Z., Labi, S., Sinha, K.C.


Client: The Indiana Department of Transportation, Indianapolis, IN


SMSS – A Software Package for Highway Safety Management in Indiana, 2004


The Safety Management System Software (SMSS v1.0) is a safety investment planning tool that enables decision makers to


1. Monitor current safety performance of the road network.



2. Identify current and future candidate locations within the network that will require safety improvements [Read more]

Collaborators: Lamptey, G. Ahmad, M.Z., Labi, S., Sinha, K.C.


Client: The Indiana Department of Transportation, Indianapolis, IN


MOO-BMS: A Tool for Multi-objective Optimization for Bridge Management, 2007


The software facilitates bridge investment decisions based on multiple performance criteria. It has two visualization platforms (Digital Dashboards): one for bridge level analysis and one for network level. The bridge level dashboard presents the current and forecast condition of a bridge’s elements, and any functional or structural deficiencies that might exist. It presents the possible futures of a bridge as a table and graph of scope and timing alternatives. [Read more]

Collaborators: Patidar, V., Labi, S., Sinha, K.C., Thompson, P.D., Hyman, W.A., Shirolé, A.


Client: National Cooperative Highway Research Program, National Academy of Sciences, Washington, DC


IBMS 2009 Version: Software Package for the Indiana Bridge Management System, 2009

The core IBMS software package is a multi-criteria optimization tool that consists of four independent modules: Dtree, Cost, Rank, and Opt. These modules perform the following functions: select improvement activities, perform life cycle cost analysis, prioritize improvement activities for every bridge and select projects from the larger population of projects within specified budgetary limits.


The modules are supported by a graphical user interface (GUI), used to produce reports and graphs and a Microsoft Access database to store information. [Read more]

Collaborators: Bhargava, A., Bai, Q., Labi, S., Sinha, K.C. McCullouch, B., Kang, W.


Client: The Indiana Department of Transportation, Indianapolis, IN


INDOTREV 2010 - Revenue Forecasting Software Package

INDOTREV 2.0 is a tool developed for the Indiana Department of Transportation  (INDOT) to carry out quick and interactive estimations of future highway revenue. The software, which uses Microsoft Visual Basic.Net as the development language and platform, has the following main functions:

  • Forecasting revenue from fuel tax

  • Forecasting revenue from vehicle registration fees

  • Forecasting revenue from other revenue sources

  • Analyzing and forecasting revenue from alternative sources

  • Allocating of highway revenue

Collaborators: Bai, Q., Agbelie, B., Labi, S., Sinha, K.C., McCullouch, B.


Client: The Indiana Department of Transportation, Indianapolis, IN


Electronic Tool for Highway Asset Valuation

This is an electronic tool that has five spreadsheets composed of excel formulas and a visual basic application program to valuate various assets individually as well as combined. The spreadsheet enables the user to carry out valuation using a variety of techniques including depreciation, condition-based, and the elemental decomposition and multi-criteria method.


The electronic tool allows the user to carry out valuation for the following asset types:


     1. Bridge Valuation

     2. Culvert Valuation

     3. Guardrail Valuation

     4. Pavement Valuation

     5. Road Sign Valuation

     6. Underdrain Valuation

Collaborators: Dojutrek, M., Makwana, P., Labi, S.


Client: The Indiana Department of Transportation, Indianapolis, IN


RM-LCCA 2013

(Reinforcement Material Life Cycle Cost Analysis, Version 2013)


RM-LCCA is a tool developed by Purdue University for the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) for life-cycle economic evaluation of alternative materials for bridge deck reinforcement. RM-LCCA uses Microsoft Excel developer toolkit’s Visual Basic.Net as the development language and platform.


The electronic tool offers capability for comparative agency-cost analysis of five main categories of bridge reinforcement steel material: carbon steel, epoxy-coated steel, clad stainless steel and solid stainless steel.


The program allows for the entry of five additional material types, and considers the bridge deck dimensions, traffic characteristics, reinforcement material longevity, deck replacement duration and cost, and traffic diversion and detours during workzones.

Collaborators: Samdariya, A., Labi, S., Sim, C., Frosch, R.


Client: The Indiana Department of Transportation, Indianapolis, IN

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