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MOO-BMS: A Tool for Multi-objective Optimization for Bridge Management, 2007


The software facilitates bridge investment decisions based on multiple performance criteria. It has two visualization platforms (Digital Dashboards): one for bridge level analysis and one for network level. The bridge level dashboard presents the current and forecast condition of a bridge’s elements, and any functional or structural deficiencies that might exist. It presents the possible futures of a bridge as a table and graph of scope and timing alternatives. The graphs make it easy to see how changes in scope or timing might affect the future performance of the structure. Tools are included to help the engineer develop custom scope items and evaluate their effect on future performance.

For network level analysis, the network dashboard presents the key tradeoffs between performance and funding. The program manager can specify annual budgets, and the weight given to different performance measures. The graphics show how these settings affect future costs and performance. The optimization model can find the best performance achievable for any given funding level, or the funding level required to achieve any given level of performance.

Collaborators: Patidar, V., Labi, S., Sinha, K.C., Thompson, P.D., Hyman, W.A., Shirolé, A.


Client: National Cooperative Highway Research Program, National Academy of Sciences, Washington, DC

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