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SMSS – A Software Package for Highway Safety Management in Indiana, 2004


The Safety Management System Software (SMSS v1.0) is a safety investment planning tool that enables decision makers to

1. Monitor current safety performance of the road network.

2. Identify current and future candidate locations within the network that will require safety improvements


3. Identify system-wide safety needs for existing road sections at the current time and also in the future.


4. Select the most suitable safety project to implement at an identified candidate location

5. Develop a multi-year safety investment strategy within budgetary constraints over a planning horizon.

6. Determine the impact of various funding levels on system-wide safety.

This software was developed as a stand-alone program for both project and network level analysis using Microsoft Visual Basic.Net platform. The software uses the OptiMax 2000® component library from Maximal software for the optimization routines that allow Mathematical Programming Language (MPL) models to be integrated seamlessly and directly into object-oriented programming languages such as Visual Basic.

Collaborators: Lamptey, G. Ahmad, M.Z., Labi, S., Sinha, K.C.


Client: The Indiana Department of Transportation, Indianapolis, IN

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