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(Software Package for Life-cycle Cost Analysis for INDOT Pavement Design Procedures).


This package:


1. Provides User with a set of default pavement design alternatives based on current INDOT practice. Pavement design alternatives are for each of three pavement types (HMA, PCC, and HMA-over-PCC composite) and also for new or existing pavements.


2. For each pavement design alternative, software makes available to the User a set of default rehabilitation and maintenance strategies


3. Allows User to modify existing or input new rehabilitation and maintenance strategies in an interactive manner, with visual display of the selected strategy (treatment types and timings) over life cycle


4. Provides an automated mechanism for computation of the agency cost of each pavement design, rehabilitation and maintenance on the basis of historical unit costs of line items at INDOT


5. Provides an automated mechanism for computation of the user cost associated with workzones for construction, rehabilitation, and maintenance, on the basis of traffic and economic data in Indiana.


6. Pursuant to (4) and (5), software enables computation of agency and user costs of all treatments that comprise a strategy


7. Enables simultaneous analysis for several alternatives


8. Makes available an array of LCCA results in the form of agency and user costs 


9. Generates reports in the form of text or excel documents and also in graphic format that may be exported to document reports or presentations 


10. Enables LCCA using both deterministic and stochastic methods. In stochastic applications, the User is able to change the parameters of the probability distributions (functional form, mean and standard deviation) associated with each stochastic variable.

Collaborators: Lamptey, G. Ahmad, M.Z., Labi, S., Sinha, K.C.


Client: The Indiana Department of Transportation, Indianapolis, IN

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