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IBMS 2009 Version: Software Package for the Indiana Bridge Management System, 2009


The core IBMS software package is a multi-criteria optimization tool that consists of four independent modules: Dtree, Cost, Rank, and Opt. These modules perform the following functions: select improvement activities, perform life cycle cost analysis, prioritize improvement activities for every bridge and select projects from the larger population of projects within specified budgetary limits. The modules are supported by a graphical user interface (GUI), used to produce reports and graphs and a Microsoft Access database to store information.


     The core modules process data imported by the bridge inventory in a sequential function. Each module produces an output file, which is then used as an input to the next module. The first module, DTREE, uses a decision tree procedure to identify the most appropriate improvement actions (of several candidates) at any specified year of the analysis period. The second module, COST, carries out a life-cycle analysis of costs for each bridge that is assumed to receive the recommended improvement action (from the DTREE module) and those that did not.


The third module, RANK, provides a prioritized project schedule for the analysis time span, with respect to multiple criteria including the bridge condition, the services it provides and economic factors. The fourth module, Opt is used to provide an optimal project schedule with respect to year-by-year budget constraints. The output files from each module can be imported to the MS Access database so that the GUI can produce useful reports and graphs.

Collaborators: Bhargava, A., Bai, Q., Labi, S., Sinha, K.C. McCullouch, B., Kang, W.


Client: The Indiana Department of Transportation, Indianapolis, IN

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